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I Didn't Stand Up

When you are black, or a geek, or poor, or Muslim, or transgender – or anything “different” from the norm, you are a target for bullying. From Kindergarten through high school, the average student will hear about 150,000 putdowns of himself and others. How many will stand up?

Modeling the text of the poem, First They Came, about the abuses enacted by the Nazis on a variety of groups including the Jewish people (and about the many who did nothing to protect the innocent), author Lucy Falcone has written, I Didn’t Stand Up. This beautifully illustrated picture book tells the story of a bystander who doesn’t stand up for the innocent targets of school bullies simply because he views them as different from himself. When things turn around and the bystander becomes the target, who will stand up for him? The book is a lesson in compassion and courage to defy bullying whenever and wherever you see it.

Written by Lucy Falcone
Illustrated by Jacqueline Hudon

My Promise

If you fall, I will lift you up
If you are lonely, I will be your friend
If you are bullied …


Clockwise Press 2019

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“I would recommend this powerful book be in every library imaginable; school, public, and personal.”
- Resource Links

“...a sobering insight.” - Kirkus Review

“Lucy Falcone wallops the reader with the intensity of each situation, seemingly innocuous but always devastating to the victim.” - CanLit for Little Canadians

“The book is magical, one that shows tolerance and treating everyone as an equal. They don't get any more profound than this.” - Shelf Life Magazine

“This powerful and moving book is a MUST-HAVE selection for every classroom, school and home library. I hope it will inspire not only the children, but those who teach and raise them, to speak up when someone else is being put down.” - CCBC Book News


2019 Bank Street Best Books Selection

Winner, Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario - Children's Literature Award 2019

Winner, Silver in the Moonbeam Awards 2019

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