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Farty PantZ

“Farty PantZ" - ALF meets Captain Underpants meets The Time Warp Trio.

The rip-roaring Farty PantZ chronicles the madcap adventures of mild-mannered fourth grader, Frankie Fazulli. When his parents run away from home, Frankie’s taken in by nasty neighbor, Mrs. Pinski, and her sons, Bert and Yert. After losing his beloved pants to a bully named No-Neck, Frankie takes refuge inside the school dumpster. Here he meets two sarcastic aliens (Hooch-ka #1 and Hooch-ka #2) who grant him his wish to fly (find a Hooch-ka–get a wish–it’s the law). Unfortunately, Hooch-ka #2 has a twisted sense of humor and throws in gas to fly with! How Rude! In spite of this humiliating set-back, Frankie joins forces with the Hooch-kas and no-nonsense side-kick, Julia-Simone (the smartest girl in fourth grade). In book one, the gang band together and fly to the Romanian village of Booga Booga where they fight brain-dead Zombonies and roving Vampires in an effort to save not only Frankie's parents, but the world!

Farty PantZ is an exciting and hilarious action-adventure series for the younger reader.

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Farty PantZ is a new project in development

Illustrations by Sean McKenzie