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The Mysterious Mummer

Be careful what you wish for takes on a chilling new meaning when an innocent wish, made at the mystical time of 11:11, sends out an invitation to the dead. 13-year-old Joey McDermott is sent to spend the Christmas holidays with his Aunt Corinne in the small town of Monk’s Cove, Newfoundland. Her cottage, perched on the edge of a cliff, is cold and filthy; the kitchen cupboards are bare; and the bedroom houses an eerie shrine with a disturbing incantation. Confronted with his aunt’s unsettling and often bizarre behavior, Joey fears that she isn’t just mad with grief, but truly mad. As the story develops, Joey learns there’s something more terrifying going on than he could ever imagine.

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Kids Can Press 2003

Montreal: Published in French by Les ├ęditions de la courte ├ęchelle 2008

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"The Mysterious Mummer offers enough ghostly thrills and strange Newfoundland folklore to tempt even the most reluctant middle reader to put down the TV remote."
- Atlantic Books Today

"A lively pace, intriguing details of life (and death) in a small coastal town, an engaging protagonist, and some genuinely creepy plot twists inform this gothic thriller."
- School Library Journal

"An exciting and faced-paced mystery you won’t want to put down!"
- Kids Bookshelf

"If you’re ready for suspenseful, mysterious adventure, then open up this book!"
- Colorado Kids Book Review

"Delicious, spooky horror! The shivers of fear that every elementary school student will feel as they read The Mysterious Mummer will make the story resonate long after the last creepy page is turned."
- Resource Links


Nominated for the 2006 British Columbia Red Cedar Award