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Walking With The Dead

The Ancient Greeks believed that the souls of the dead had to be ferried across the River Styx before they could enter the Underworld. Only those buried with a gold coin could cross the river. Without payment, the dead remained stranded, forever denied their eternal rest. They become known as ‘the lost souls’.

12-year-old Alex Orman, and his cousin Freddie, hook up with the soul of a long-dead Greek corpse (buried without a coin), and are launched on a suspenseful journey through the Underworld. Their goal is to help right a wrong committed centuries ago.

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Kids Can Press 2005

Montreal: Published in French by Les ├ęditions de la courte ├ęchelle 2006

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"This humourous, creepy adventure offers a delightful introduction to Greek myths that will encourage readers to seek out other stories in mythologies. Highly Recommended."
- CM Magazine

"I was hooked totally! There is a lot of Greek mythology in this book and it would make a great spring board for a lit circle book with a follow-up of research in Greek mythology."
- SSBCR – Washington

"A lightning strike and a reanimated corpse make for an unusually lively Halloween in this hilariously headlong caper."
- Kirkus Review

"The rollicking pace of the plot pulls the reader right into the thick of the story. …The complicated plot is deftly handled, dollops of exposition and brief otherworldly encounters lay the groundwork for every story twist."
- Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

"The suspenseful journey through the netherworld is enlivened by welcome humour, and there is also a quiet message about personal responsibility and courage."
- School Library Journal

"Take an Alfred Hitchcock-type thriller, add cell-phone lifelines from Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and you have an entertaining traverse into a mythological underworld."
- PSLA (Young Adult Top Forty Titles)

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Winner, Ontario Silver Birch Award, 2007
Winner, Saskatchewan Diamond Willow Award, 2007
Honour Book, Manitoba Young Reader’s Choice Award, 2007