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The Midnight Curse

11-year-old fraternal twins, Charlie and Lacey, are invited to a remote English village for the reading of the last will and testament of their mysterious Uncle Jonathan. They hope to get money, and lots of it, but to Charlie’s horror, he ends up getting a curse ... “You must sleep in water every night of your life or you shall shrivel up and die.” Can Lacey solve the mystery of the curse and save her brother? She has until midnight or Charlie will be doomed.

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Kids Can Press 2010

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"Thrills and laughs are carefully balanced in the fourth comic horror novel from L.M. Falcone. Young readers will find it almost impossible not to read just one more chapter before bed." - Quill & Quire

"This is an amazingly fast-paced story and amusing to boot. Descriptions of chilly manor houses and chilling cemeteries are here, but mostly there’s dialogue propelled with plenty of eerie action on every page. Reluctant readers will especially appreciate how quickly this moves while enjoying every moan and groan." - Booklist, Chicago


Winner, 2011
Diamond Willow Award

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