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Detective / Mystery Presentation
(Grades 2 – 4)

From Encyclopedia Brown to Scooby Doo – young readers love to solve mysteries. Nothing is more satisfying than the feeling they get when pieces finally start to fit and a picture begins to form. My ‘Detective/Mystery Presentation’ introduces students to the mystery genre. Topics explored are: Vocabulary (crime/motive/alibi), Characters (detective/side-kick/suspects) and Elements of Writing a Mystery. Observation and Memory Skills will be tested, and a mystery will be solved by the class.

The Ghost and Max Monroe provides a great introduction to the mystery genre, perfect for honing critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Length of Presentation: 
1 hour

Size of Audience: 
3 classes (approx. 100 students)

Presentation Fees:
1 presentation $300.00
2 presentations $500.00
3 presentations $700.00
+ 42¢ per km from Truro

(Grades 4-6)

Juvenile Fiction at its Spookiest! Award-winning author, L.M. Falcone, combines chills, thrills, and humour in her highly entertaining presentation for grades 4 - 6.

Four hot, spooky books and a hit television series all get discussed and dissected in a fast-moving, interactive presentation. As a former television writer, and now an author, I use videos, novels and picture books to cover the many areas of writing. Some of these include Research/Brainstorming/Editing & Publishing/Do’s & Don’ts/Handy Tips. I also read from my novels and talk about the importance of inspiration and imagination.

Length of Presentation: 
1 hour

Size of Audience: 
3 classes (approx. 100 students)

TV & VCR or DVD player
Large table for my material
Chart paper or whiteboard & markers

Many schools ask me to bring books to be sold and autographed. If your school would like that, please add another 15 - 20 minutes so I can personally autograph them.

Presentation Fees:
1 presentation $300.00
2 presentations $500.00
3 presentations $700.00
+ 42¢ per km from Truro


What Teachers & Librarians Have To Say:

"I was on playground duty at recess … and I have to tell you what I saw. There were clutches of kids standing with their backs on the portables … and they were reading your books! It was wonderful to see! I remember doing the same thing with favourite books when I was a kid, but I’ve NEVER seen the kids at this school take out a story or chapter book to read like that before!" - Sharon Berg

"My students are still talking about Lucy’s visits to our school. Her book talks, sharing of personal experiences as a writer, and short video clips kept the audience engaged and wanting more. My students really enjoyed her talk. I can’t think of a better author to inspire students to read and write. Here it is a full year after her visit and I still can’t keep any of her titles on my shelves. " - Carm Conotta

"A number of students ordered your books. We received them yesterday and they’re already half way through! YEAH!"
- Shelley Williams

"A large number of students purchased your latest book, “The Midnight Curse”, and I have not yet been able to get them to raise their heads from reading!” - Anne Marie McCowan


What Kids Have To Say:

"I recently read your wonderful book called, WALKING WITH THE DEAD. It was breathtaking. It was a very, very, very, very, very, (times 1000!) Great, Wonderful, Magnificent, Superb and Fantastic book!!!!!!!!! It was really interesting to know about Ancient Greece. "
Lily – Gr.5 – Churchill Meadows P.S. – Mississauga

"Your book Walking with the Dead is.....well actually there are no words in the whole English language that can explain how amazing, fantastic and magnificent this book is. Your story line!!!!!! Oh My Gosh! It was so incredible!!!!! I LOVED all the action and all the intense parts where you felt like you just had to keep reading or else you might fall into the underworld or something. How could someone even think of such an action filled thriller. I’m out of my my mind!!"
Bronte Jayne Morris-Poolman – Grade 5 – Mabin School – Toronto

“I have never before loved reading so much!”
Cora – 10 years old – Grant Sine Public School – Cobourg

"We really had trouble putting down The Mysterious Mummer. The more we read the harder it was to stop!"
Centessa, Myranda, Susie and Riley – Queen Elizabeth P.S. – Sudbury

“I love The Mysterious Mummer. I was as scared as a peanut.”
Tristan Hynes – Rosena Dunphy’s class – Newfoundland

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School visit
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Meeting a Mummer!!
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